8 points lifting

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Little pain, a short treatment time and, above all, a natural result – the new 8-point lift sounds promising. What exactly is behind it?

Whether thread lift or vampire lift, there are always new trends on the beauty market. Promising is the 8-point lift, freshly arrived from Brazil. Because there it was invented by the plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio. What exactly does it mean, for whom is it suitable, what can it do – and what can it not do?

First of all: the 8-point lift is not to be compared with a classic facelift, which requires large incisions and a general anesthetic – and which naturally results in correspondingly radical changes. Rather, it is a gentler but still effective lifting method that uses Allergan’s latest generation “Vycross” hyaluronic fillers. “As with conventional lifting, the goal is to tighten the face. This is to be achieved through the targeted injection of fillers at eight firmly defined points on the face,” explains dermatologist Dr. Nadine Peukert, who specializes in the 8-point lift and gives lectures on this procedure throughout Germany. In her practice Aestheso in M√ľnster, she mainly treats noninvasively.

The main culprit in the aging process is the loss of volume of the deep fatty tissue and facial bones. The so-called triangle of beauty is reversed: Where once there were high cheekbones, full cheeks and smooth skin, there are eventually flatter cheeks, a downward sagging mouth area and wrinkles. The 8-point lift is designed to counteract this.

Natural and effective

“Volume treatment with fillers is the most natural and effective measure to make someone look younger,” says Dr. Nadine Peukert, who offers 8-point lifting in her practice. The dermatologist is enthusiastic about the method: “The 8-point lift is first and foremost convincing because of its natural result. We want to architecturally restore the face, fill in sunken areas, tighten the chin contour and give new harmony to the facial features.”

To achieve this, a precise knowledge of facial anatomy is a prerequisite – only specially trained doctors are allowed to use the method. Injections are made at the zygomatic arch, the cheekbones, the central cheek area, the nasolabial fold, the marionette lines at the corners of the mouth, the furrow in front of the cheeks, the jawline, and below the cheekbones.

The treatment plan is individual

Each patient is treated individually. For example, Dr. Peukert explains, “Injections are not always made at all eight points, and the dose also varies.” The treatment procedure itself is gentle: everything is over in just under half an hour. Since the volume is built up in the deep layers of the skin, there is also hardly any swelling, and what’s more, the skin quality improves because the injected fillers stimulate the formation of collagen and fat cells. After an immediate effect, it takes another four weeks for the final Result is achieved. This should then last for at least 24 months. Cost From 600 euros.

Lead photo: Leonid & Anna Dedukh/Shutterstock.com