7 important questions before eyelid lift

A number of questions arise before any surgery. Here are the answers to 7 important questions before an eyelid lift. Please make a note of any other questions you may have so that you can discuss them with your doctor in advance.

1. when is an eyelid lift necessary?

Eyelid lift becomes necessary when vision is limited or self-esteem is greatly diminished. Our eyes are considered the gateway to the soul. Create the impression look old and tired, we are often perceived and treated as such by others. This can be very stressful under certain circumstances. If vision is also restricted by drooping eyelids, this has not only psychological but also physical effects. Impaired vision is disruptive in everyday life and can be dangerous in road traffic.

Since there are no alternative methods to tighten sagging eyelids again, surgery is necessary and advisable in these cases.

2. which doctor should perform eyelid lift?

The doctor performing the procedure should have previous experience in eyelid lift surgery and ideally be a Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery be. For example, Dr. Martha Bernard is not only a specialist in this field, but has also worked as a senior physician for a long time. She has performed countless operations and is in the Eyelid lift versed. Knowing the importance of each patient’s individual goal, she takes extra time for preliminary consultations and patient care.

3. what are the costs for an eyelid lift?

The costs for an eyelid lift in Germany are on average between 1800 and 3400 euros, whereby upper eyelid lifts cost less than lower eyelid lifts. Not all cheaper offers are bad, not all very expensive offers are automatically good. However, for their own safety, patients should not pay attention to the last penny, but visit a doctor with whom they feel in good hands and who operates according to the latest standards.

In the practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich with Dr. Bernard, the cost of a Upper eyelid lift approx. 2,500 euros, a lower eyelid lift about 3,500 euros.

4. does the health insurance pay for the procedure?

Will the Field of view restrictedthe health insurance may cover the costs of the operation. Cost coverage is also possible for severely drooping eyelids that cause irritation. However, you will not know whether or not the health insurance company will cover the costs until an application for coverage has been accepted or rejected.

doctor marks the incisions on the patient's face before a lid lift.
In the case of purely aesthetic procedures, the patient must bear the costs of an eyelid lift themselves.

5. how sustainable is an eyelid lift?

The natural aging process cannot be stopped by an eyelid lift. The skin around the eye becomes slacker with age. About 5 to 10 years after the operation, the status before the operation is reached. Then the surgery can be repeated if desired.

6. What do I need to bring to the surgery?

In advance, you should already have two to three Cooling compresses or a migraine mask. For the operation itself, please bring a pair of dark sunglasses and for the return trip one accompanying person and, of course, the signed documents that were given to you during the preliminary interview.

7. When will the healing be completed? When can I go back to work?

The body tolerates the eyelid lift relatively well. You will not be able to work for a few days, but you will be able to shower again the day after the surgery and return to work one week later. As soon as the stitches are removed, you can apply make-up normally. This is also a good way to cover up minor bruises.

During the first three weeks, be sure to avoid anything that results in increased blood flow to the facial area, such as washing your hair overhead or bending over. Also Sports are not allowed until three weeks after the surgery date. may be taken up.

Sunbathing and tanning beds should be avoided for 6 weeks after surgery. Afterwards, you will be completely healthy again and can enjoy your new youthful appearance without any worries.