5-minute fresh-up for the complexion with hyaluronic acid

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Fashion designer Anja Ziller is anything but happy with her complexion: “My skin looks dry, sallow and somehow boring. I definitely lack glow”. No wonder. Outside it’s getting really cold, inside the heating is running at full blast. Not exactly a wellness program for the skin. A freshness kick is needed. Anja Ziller is testing a new treatment based on hyaluronic acid – and we’re on board.

“I have often read about the great effect that hyaluronic acid has on the skin. However, injections with classic hyaluronic fillers are not an issue for me at the moment because I don’t want any extra volume on my face,” explains the designer before the treatment. The idea behind Profhilo’s new treatment concept sounds convincing. Unlike creams and serums that only nourish from the outside, the product moisturizes the skin from the inside via injection. “I’m excited!”

“Hyaluron is a water-binding substance that also occurs naturally in the skin and provides it with moisture. Over time, however, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, so it makes sense to replenish the depots,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz. “And that works very well with Profhilo. There are 64 milligrams of it in just two milliliters. That gives a neat freshness effect that is visible and noticeable.”

Small amount of hyaluronic acid is enough

For the treatment, Dr. von Lukowicz marks five defined injection points per side of the face, into which small amounts of the hyaluronic acid are now injected with very fine needles. Does it hurt? “Well, I’m not exactly a hero when it comes to injections. But the five little dots are quickly worked off and by the time I quite realize it, both halves of the face are done. One treatment consists of two applications four weeks apart. The cost is manageable for me at 300.”Hyaluron injection

We ask: Is the result now, one month later, noticeable and visible? “I am happy! Saw an effect right after the first treatment, which intensified over the following days. My skin looks much fresher and the glow is back. It feels soft and is not dry and sensitive as usual at this time of year. Even small wrinkles are significantly reduced. The result is also super natural. That was important to me. I definitely didn’t want to look ‘sprayed on’.”

The conclusion of Anja Ziller: “Although my first but probably not my last treatment with the novel hyaluron product. I can also well imagine that this treatment does my skin good not only in the cold season – at the latest after my next sun vacation I’ll probably be back at Dr. von Lukowicz.”

Cover photo: mimagephotography/Shutterstock.com