4 treatments that are guaranteed to change your look!

An improved self: many people set this guiding principle as their goal at the beginning of the year at the latest. After all, since childhood, the desire for change seems to be an integral part of development. In fact, researchers found that regular change and constant variety (both internal and external) are key to a fulfilling life.

But making changes doesn’t always have to involve a lot of effort. With which minimally invasive treatments you can also change your appearance on a visual level and achieve a new look, we reveal to you in today’s article.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Hollywood starlet Kylie Jenner probably represents the best-known example of a successful lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. What is particularly striking is that her entire appearance seems to have changed as a result of the lip volume she has gained. What many people do not know: In contrast to narrow lips, full lips symbolize attributes such as femininity and sensuality. Furthermore, voluminous lips can contribute to the general symmetry of the face or achieve a change in focus (for example, with a larger nose).

Chin correction with hyaluronic acid

Chin correction with hyaluronic acid can not only create a more harmonious side profile, but can also positively influence the overall appearance. A receding chin, for example, has a strong influence on a person’s facial proportions; above all, the overall appearance of the face is affected. An important rule of thumb for recognizing whether the chin is in balance with the rest of the face: the chin and forehead should be on one level in the side profile.

Facial slimming with muscle relaxant

A too wide face is not always due to genes. Excessive strain on the masseter – for example, from grinding teeth at night or excessive gum chewing – can also lead to a widening of the face. Injecting muscle relaxant into the posterior masseter muscle (facial slimming) relaxes it. This causes a reduction in volume and thus also an optical narrowing, so that the entire shape of the face appears changed.

Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid

Due to its central placement in the face, the nose has a decisive effect on our overall appearance. If the nose has a strong hump or appears too large in the face, this is perceived as unattractive by many people. A nose that harmonizes with the rest of the facial proportions, on the other hand, makes the entire face appear more balanced. To beautify the nose, however, surgery is not immediately necessary. Unevenness of the bridge of the nose in the area of the bump, the tip of the nose or the bridge can also be corrected by a nose correction with hyaluronic acid.

Do you want to change your look? Then make your appointment and let our experienced M1 doctors advise you.