4 facts everyone should know about lip injections

Lip injection – 4 facts

Full, defined lips are always in style! However, no topic brings as many myths and disagreements as lip injections. We reveal what 4 things really everyone should know about lip injections.

1. hyaluronic acid or muscle relaxant?!

As soon as the term lip injections is mentioned, this statement is usually not long in coming: “I really don’t understand why everyone injects muscle relaxants into their lips!” – Well, neither do we! Because the only thing suitable for lip injections is the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid. Here is a guide:

Muscle relaxant: Primarily used for smoothing wrinkles, as it paralyzes the muscles.

Hyaluronic acid: Used as a “filler” because it has a plumping effect.

2. inflatable boat lips? No, thanks!

Unfortunately, we have to admit: In the past, so-called inflatable boat lips (immensely voluminous and undefined lips that resemble an inflatable boat) could be seen more often. Even prominent examples à la Chiara Ohoven were no exception and fell victim to the dinghy variant. Fortunately, the whole thing looks different today! The goal of today’s lip injections is to give the lips more fullness and definition, but always to preserve the natural shape of the lips.

Our M1 doctors usually recommend, especially for the first lip injections, to inject the lip with a small amount of hyaluronic acid and create a steady volume buildup over several sessions. In this way, the lips are not unnecessarily strained and the natural texture of these is preserved. The statement that lip injections always look artificial is therefore also invalid. As a rule, differences are very subtle.

3. pain during lip injections

The sensation of pain differs from individual to individual and can only be poorly generalized. As a rule, many of our clients estimate the pain level of a lip injection to be too high – even if no additional anesthetic ointment is applied before the treatment. But what many do not know: Usually a lip injection always proceeds with anesthesia! This is due to the hyaluronic acid itself. The common and high-quality hyaluronic acids already contain lidocaine – a local anesthetic that acts after the first injection and numbs the lips.

4. full lips are not permanent

Yes, it is true. Unfortunately, the effect of injections with hyaluronic acid does not last forever. Although the treatment effect lasts for several months, the substance is gradually broken down in the body. However, there is no reason to despair: if you have your lips injected regularly, the hyaluronic acid in your lips will build up and thus prolong its effectiveness. In addition, a high drinking quantity also has a positive effect on the durability of the hyaluronic acid and ensures that it can fully develop.

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