3-D lifting

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When time leaves its mark on the cheeks, chin line and neck, minimally invasive treatments do not always help. Decisive for the success of a facelift is the choice of the right method and the skill of the doctor. Now there is a brand new lifting method that does not “make” the face and makes it look up to 20 years younger.

Most women can live with small wrinkles and folds. But when gravity makes itself felt all over the face, many find it distressing. Those who decide to take the big step to a Facelift is spoiled for choice. About 20 lifting methods have been developed by plastic surgeons in recent years. A completely new method developed by Dr. Markus Klöppel is the so-called 3-D lifting. The goal: not only the facial contours are tightened, the Skin quality is improved at the same time and gets a young Glow. The effect: the face does not look “lifted” at all, but natural and up to 20 years younger. The aesthetic plastic surgeon explains how this works in the podcast.

“In addition to the right technique, the secret for a successful facelift mainly in the individuality of the treatment, which has to do with experience and aesthetic perception,” emphasizes Dr. Klöppel, who has been specializing in facelifts, among other things, for 18 years. The most widespread and effective method is the so-called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). “However, the SMAS technique I use today is not so much about pure facelifting, but rather lifting and repositioning deeper structures of the face,” explains Dr. Klöppel.

For this purpose, the skin is loosened and the sagging connective tissue as well as the muscles of facial expression and sunken fat pads are corrected, and the excess skin is removed. The surgery lasts three to four hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. After a “major facelift” one has to expect a hospital stay of one to two days, a head bandage is worn only on the first day and the first night. Bruising and swelling can be expected for one to two weeks. Stitches are removed after ten days. The RESULT leaves the face ten to 15 years younger look and lasts for several years. COST from 10.000 Euro.

However, Dr. Klöppel goes one step further with the 3-D facelift he has developed, in which he additionally Micro and Nano Technology – the injection of processed autologous fat – inserts.

How exactly this works and especially how the result looks like you can see on 14.5. in experience report with a patient who talks quite openly in a video clip about her facelift!

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