10 years younger in 10 minutes – the best makeup tips

There are makeup tips and tricks that top international makeup artists use to simply make up away the signs of time. Thanks to the latest makeup products, a fresh, young look is no longer a question of age. Beauty experts Martin Schmid from Chanel, Norman Pohl from Dior, Bobbie Brown and Horst Kirchberger reveal how to put your best sides in the right light. Here are their best anti-aging makeup tips and impressions of the beauty workshop with Horst Kirchberger.

Makeup tips for the complexion

The key to a youthful appearance is the complexion. It should look natural, fresh and even and make the face glow. The prerequisite for this: a perfect foundation. “When it comes to the complexion, you basically orient yourself as close to the skin tone as possible. Tend to be too light rather than too dark. Dark bronze tones intensify unevenness and wrinkles,” explains top makeup artist Horst Kirchberger. And further: “For demanding skin, sometimes it has to be a little more – more coverage and more care. Rich lifting foundations and anti-aging care with reflective pigments that diffuse light to mask wrinkles.”

Makeup tip from makeup artist Bobbie Brown: “Stay away from overly matte textures, they look dry and doughy on the skin.” And Norman Pohl, makeup artist at Dior, advises, “The color should perfectly match your natural complexion, because then you don’t have to cover your entire face.”

Setting contours with blush

A youthful face is characterized by clear contours. Unfortunately, these become increasingly blurred as the years go by. It is now necessary to carefully bring them out with neutral tones. Makeup tip: “The softer and flatter a blush sits, the easier it is for the complexion to appear younger and more girlish. This is achieved by placing the blush on the elevation of the cheekbone. From there, round to oval distribute the blush” emphasizes Horst Kirchberger. And Martin Schmid, National Makeup Artist at Chanel recommends: “An optical lifting effect for the cheek area can be created by clever shading. To do this, use a brush to apply a dark tone horizontally below the cheekbones.”

Help against eye shadows

For the first step in eye makeup, Norman Pohl recommends “massaging a touch of concealer into foundation with a small, soft brush to combat eye shadows.” The makeup tip from Makeup tricks that top international makeup artists like Horst Kirchberger use to simply make up away the signs of time. Your best anti-aging makeup tips and makeup tricks at www.marinajagemann.comHorst Kirchberger, “rather reach for powder eye shadow, instead of cream eye shadow, because otherwise the color creeps into the small wrinkles under the eyes. A fine eyeliner stroke makes the eyes look vivid.” The line becomes perfect by placing individual dabs of color close together. Easier to apply are liquid eyeliners, which are applied like a felt-tip pen. If you tend to have a droopy eyelid, you should not let the line run out too far at the end of the eye. Apply lush mascara to the upper lash line twice, and only apply mascara to the lower lash line if necessary. With age, eyelashes become thinner and do not grow back as quickly. Growth boosters in the form of serums or mascaras containing growth-promoting ingredients thicken the lashes and make them look more youthful again.

Gloss for the lips

Makeup tricks that top international makeup artists like Horst Kirchberger use to simply make up away the signs of time. Their best anti-aging makeup tips and makeup tricks at www.marinajagemann.comFrom 40 onwards on the lips preferably no longer wear matte colors – this is the advice of most makeup professionals. They look rather harsh. Pastel gloss, on the other hand, makes you look younger. A mix of gloss and lipstick is also flattering. To get the right dose of gloss, simply apply a dab each to the upper and lower center of the lips. This is enough and does not smudge the previously applied lipstick. Gloss and lipstick do not have to be the same color, by the way.

Photos: Horst Kirchberger