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Parallel Universe in higher dimensions

Parallel Universe in higher dimensions existence without time as a dimension

Time dimension is missing in some of the higher dimension parallel universes. The spatial in the higher dimension merges time into a point of singularity neither static nor dynamic. The physical existence becomes little important in the parallel universe.

It is an experience that can never be described. It is the ultimate experience of our spiritual being - the soul and the mind. Living in the parallel universe is enchanting to say the least. The spatial structures do not provide any constraint for the mind and the soul. As living beings we can get the ultimate freedom where fear, emotion and all physics disappears. Even time is non-existent there. Time dimension is important for coming back to the physical universe again.

Constraint-less universe in higher dimension - once you visit, you will never like to come back from there. Time, gravity and electromagnetic strengths are all purged into spatial structures that cannot be felt. Ask some one who had a near death experience. They will tell you how it feels after they came back touching the outer edge of one of the parallel universes.

Scientists are busy trying to understand the physics of these parallel universes where our conventional physics does not exist. They just conclude again and again that the only way to enter the parallel universes is our mind and soul. The mind and soul are the only link to these higher dimensional parallel universes. Modeling minds and souls and allowing a free non-constrained traverse on a spatial plane can simulate the feeling.


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