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Crystal Removal


Ninety percent of all people have what is called "a standard issue of eighteen crystals". These etheric crystals are twelve-sided, double terminated, and come in various lengths. Along with other etheric structures and devices, these "regulator crystals" are located in the etheric blueprint body. You placed these structures, devices, and crystals within your blueprint body before you entered your present earth incarnation. You did this to help yourself "forget" who you really are and why you are here. This helped you to look and feel "human" as well as to participate in the Earth game of duality and limitation.

These crystals keep specific Light connections from being made in the etheric blueprint body, therefore, they prevent certain perceptions and abilities from manifesting physically. These crystal "circuit breakers" inhibit:

• clairvoyant centers
* telepathic centers
* whole brain functioning and non-linear thought psycho-kinetic centers
*Reception and decoding of Light Languages energy in spine
*The amount of Light your body can absorb being fully embodied
*5th dimensional functioning of the heart chakra opening of your 4th eye
*5th dimensional functioning of the 3rd eye center the optic and optic nerves
*polarity balance unified chakra functioning
*multi-dimensional access self-confidence and focus

As you begin to spiritually awaken, Higher Light pours into the etheric blueprint. The crystals act as blocks to this Higher Light. As the Light attempts to come in, pressure builds around these crystals. Although not everyone will experience physical discomfort, some people may experience:

+ sharp pains in the head or chest
+ spasms in the neck or shoulders
+ sudden deterioration of hearing,
vision, or thinking

At this point we might indicate that the above listed symptoms in no way replaces good medical care. If any of the above symptoms are your reality, please seek medical attention to rule out any physical dysfunction that may require the expertise of a licensed medical doctor before proceeding with any spiritual endeavor!

At this time of planetary Lightbody Transformation, the game of duality and limitation is no longer necessary. It is time for these structures, devices, and crystals to be removed. ONLY IF IT IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR SPIRIT should these crystals be removed and the structures that have lain dormant be activated. These are the areas that will be activated:

# the 5th dimensional functions of the 3rd eye

# the three seed crystals that decode Light Languages

# the recorder cell receiver crystal that connects to your Akashic recorder crystal

# the 4th eye—necessary for upper dimensional sight

# the center core of light

# the Alpha and Omega Chakras
# The Waves of Metatron


After a crystal removal and Lightbody activation, most people report the following:

the spiritual or Light ceiling is gone
clearer thinking
clearer dream experience and recall
more focus, self-confidence, centered-ness
more multi-dimensional access and articulation
more experience of your mastery and divinity
easier to recognize and follow a spiritual signature, soul path

Some people experience what is called a "dropping in density". This occurs when the physical body attempts to resist the lightbody activation. This rarely happens, but when it does you may experience:

** disorientation nausea
** diarrhea--headache
** more ringing in the ears and blurry vision
** "what was the license plate number of that
truck" feeling

In either situation, you will need more water and more sleep over the next few days as your body adjusts to the removal of the crystals and the lightbody activation process.

Crystal Removal Level II

Divinity Threshold Recalibration

Spirit is requiring us to begin to embody our Divinity. New frequencies are being poured in from the upper dimensions to assist the physical body to awaken and receive encoding into the Divine Image of the Adam Kadmon.

These frequencies have activated dormant multi-specie, multi-universal encodements in the DNA. This in turn has set off the original primal survival imprints in the human genetic code.

By removing obsolete structures in the lower control panel and the neck, this will allow the 7th dimensional flows and structures that assist us to embody more of our Divinity to be present. This procedure will:

restructure the Alpha and Omega chakras for a more even flow and accessibility to the Metatronic Waves,
Activate the lower control panel.
Balance the upper and lower control panels
Balance electric, magnetic, and gravitational waves from subatomics into The DNA and Divine Image
Adjust the pranic flow, Divine Purpose Crystal, Third Eye and Fourth Eye.
Infuse Yod spectrum frequencies.


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